welcome to my website!

i go by darkness or dark. i'm a 18 year old guy who LOVES the internet.

i made this site because i think it's pretty cool to have your own site. for that i'm thankful to neocities for allowing people to reexperience the creativity old web had. i may be young but i did grow up in a time where websites were more creative than nowadays, so it's nice to look back on those times :^)

some of my favorite things
drawing - i like drawing my OCs a lot! i do fanart sometimes too but drawing original art is better imo. i don't think i draw good though. some of my drawings make me cringe real bad, but i still enjoy trying, as i do it because it's fun and relaxing. :)
painting - even though i don't do it as much, i like painting still life, animals and landscapes.
music - i literally can't live without music. i usually listen to pop music, phonk, dnb, breakcore, hyperpop or anime music. don't ask what's my favorite artist, i like too much to decide :^)
video games - i grew up playing Touhou and Roblox, so these remain my favorite games. other games i particularly like are RPGs, single-player shooters and visual novels. i generally like games, they are fun. it is in my bucket list to make a game one day!
documentaries - i like watching them on youtube and learning something new about crime, internet mysteries, or niche subjects. very fun way to waste spend your time!

you can also find me on twitter. i post my (mediocre) art there. k thx bye.


it started snowing again today :o
the temperatures went back from early spring to winter. i like the cold except when it's too slippery to walk outside. that's the worst.

new stuff added to the site by the way!

updated my site, that is, literally changed everything lmao. but i'm definitely happy with how it turned out.

also i updated my roblox avatar since ages. guess who is it based on? :P

so i finally updated my website in years. this site actually has a long history. at first i made it in around 2021 because i thought having a personal website was cool (and i still think it is!), then in 2022 i repurposed it into a shrine for Shirogane, a character from Ice Scream. i've since then lost interest in the character.

also today i went shopping for a suit because the prices are cheaper right now. i needed proper clothing for graduation day so that was very nice. now i have a plaid gray jacket and pants, a light blue shirt and black shoes. i wanted to get a three piece suit with a vest but they didn't have that which is fine, i'm still satisfied with what i got. all that cost 200 EUR, so i can't imagine what the prices would be like in spring. regardless, i'm excited to wear that when the time comes!

by the way, i decided to start journaling as a self-care activity and to improve my writing skills. it's really nice being able to share my thoughts freely. though i feel like i get cringy sometimes and it makes me feel anxious. i deleted all my posts on twitter today because of that. i posted really cringy shit before and my old art made me cringe. maybe i shouldn't be so self-conscious but doing that did help me feel better.

as with this site, i'm planning to personalize it further with drawings and such. i really want to make it feel like my own.



site updated:


I LOVE ICE CREAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111


I LOVE ICE CREAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111


I LOVE ICE CREAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111